Prayer Strategies that Get Results!

Stop wishing. Start praying.

stillness in prayer is not an obilgation



God wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you.
It’s time to uncomplicate prayer so we can experience freedom and get tangible results.
— Kerry Burke

Get the strategies you need to
Revive your focus and bring clarity
to your conversations with God

You’ll learn how to:

  • stop believing the devil’s lies that you “can't” or “don't know how to” pray.

  • develop a routine that works for any schedule.

  • get the blueprint on what to say when you're clueless, worn out, or stressed.

  • break the cycle of constantly repeating yourself.

  • ditch the need for a ‘war room’ or a ‘prayer closet’.

  • fix the behaviors that hinder an effective prayer life.

  • pray with boldness so your prayers aren’t hit or miss.

  • talk to God about someone who has hurt you.

  • benefit from unanswered prayers.

  • pray for more than a few minutes without being distracted.

The prayer struggle ends here.

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